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Mineral Water

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Perlage comes from the resources of the Nałęczów waters located in the area of the famous spa specializing in the treatment of heart conditions and hypertension. It is bottled at the source in one of the most modern plants of this type in the world.

Its deposits are fully insulated from the influence of external factors by a 100-meter layer of thick rocks. The time of penetration of drops through these insulating layers to the source is over 400 years, which is a unique phenomenon on a global scale.


 Perlage is bottled with a special carbonation method used at our plant. The method is globally unique and uses carbon dioxide taken from its natural sources, which results in the delicate fizz of Perlage. The gentle fizz is similar to high-class sparkling wines and differs from the ordinary carbonation process known in the global market. This development allows Perlage to be strongly saturated with natural CO2 while having tiny, subtle bubbles at the same time. The fizziness also stays intact for longer in the glass, compared to ordinary sparkling waters (this fact applies to an open bottle as well).


The plant is located next to the water intake source, which guarantees the highest water quality and safety, as well as modernity and innovation – the future of natural water bottling technologies. It is one of the most modern bottling plants in the world covering over 40 years of tradition in water bottling; with narrow specialization (in mineral water bottling only) which allows for deep study of water bottling technologies from an invariable water source.

One of the biggest natural mineral water bottling plants in the world with an efficiency of: 2,5 mln bottles a day.

The bottling process only uses technologies that imitate processes that occur in nature – thanks to that, the natural pureness of the water is kept.

Can 330 ml

Perlage as one of the few waters in the world has been closed in a can. This modern and trendy packaging has many advantages. A light, small and unbreakable can is ideally suited to places where you should not use glass. Additionally, it quickly cools down to desired temperature. A can is a perfect solution for everyone who wants to enjoy the unique effervescence of Perlage water and cares about comfort and lightness of packaging.

Glass 300 ml, 700 ml

The most classic and elegant packaging for natural mineral water. It perfectly maintains water temperature and protects its unique natural properties against the influence of external factors. Perlage bottles in a beautiful light blue colour, made with the utmost care, are not only practical, but are a decoration of every restaurant table.

Fine Dining

Perlage is an ideal accompaniment for meals and wines. Its delicate effervescence and small bubbles improve the reception of the taste of dishes. The unique composition of minerals and naturally very low sodium content make Perlage go perfectly with all types of wines and emphasize the taste and character of both simple and the most exquisite dishes.

Gold Taste Award

2021, Singapore

Water Tasting Competition, Slovenia 2021


Gold Taste Award

2016, China



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